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Banner Tackle was started in 2020 by Frank and Cara Skoglund as a way to honor veterans, military families and first responders. They respect and understand the sacrifices that have been made by all those who have served.


Frank has had careers in all three colors represented on our banner.  The blue represents his law enforcement career, green is for his time spent as an Army National Guard MP and red for the 10 years he was a volunteer firefighter. Frank and Cara are also a double Gold Star family and have created two lures in honor of those they have lost.

Both Cara and Frank love fishing and find that being outdoors is a great way to relax and recharge. They also have a passion for supporting those who have served.  The fishing lures they create for Banner Tackle are intended to honor those who have served and encourage others to find rest and rejuvenation outdoors. 

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